Which is a better AKTU college, IET Lucknow or BIET Jhansi?

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Abanti Feb 19, 2021

Since I have friends who have studied in IET Lucknow and also being from BIET Jhansi myself, I can provide you with a complete and elaborate answer. There are both good and bad things that make up a college, you cannot ignore one and accept the other. You have to accept it for both its strengths and its flaws.

Certain things that are proven to be good at IET Lucknow include - Firstly, its rank. IET Lucknow has a better rank than BIET Jhansi, which provides a promotional appeal to the interested candidates. Secondly, The faculty of IET is also better and experienced than BIET. Due to IETs popularity, it always attracts top companies during placements, seminars and events. Lastly, More students from IET tend to excel in CAT, GATE, XAT exams than BIET.

Surely if there are pros, there will be cons as well. It is often complained by students that the faculty members sometimes delve into groupism and favoritism. This becomes a very big problem for the students. Also students have claimed that the Hostel facilities are not up to the mark, which makes the living conditions for the students a bit unsatisfactory.


IET Lucknow

BIET Jhansi

Course Fee

3.44-4.04 lakh

2.06-2.89 lakh

Placement Percentage



Highest CTC

8-10 LPA

9-10 LPA

Average CTC


3-4 LPA

Recruiting Companies

Global Logic, Newgen, eLitmus, TCS, etc.

TCS, Wipro, Byju’s, Adobe, etc.

Similarly, like IET, BIET also has its fair share of pros and cons. The huge campus, overall wifi facilities, power back up in the hostels, individual rooms for all the students and a huge library comprise the pros. This also includes the picturesque location it is situated in. While this location becomes a disadvantage during placements. There is always a lack of popular companies for placements. Also the groupism among the students and a weak faculty also are the reason for BIETs not so good performance.

Finally, it is always advised that you may choose the college which suits your interests, but definitely choose wisely.