What is the ranking of ISB Hyderabad?

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Keshav Jindal Feb 23, 2021

ISB Hyderabad is spread across 260 acres of land, having several modern facilities, and accommodates 130-210 students on campus. It offers an excellent One Year Executive Postgraduate Program (EPGP), PGP, FPM, Advanced Management Programs, etc.


In recent years the ranking provided to ISB Hyderabad by different authorities are as follows. 

  • QS Global MBA Ranking 2020 - 98th
  • Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2020 - 20 out of 100
  • Forbes Business School 2019 - 7th Globally

 Some of the other key ranking highlights are given below. 

The Global Programme Ranking for 2019 has offered Rank-2 to ISB Hyderabad with the following scores.

  • Resource score- 51.2
  • Engagement score- 88.5
  • Outcomes score- 80.9
  • Environment score- 87.5
  • Overall score- 76.2

Course Fee:

The overall fee for MBA in ISB Hyderabad is between 34-46 Lakhs for the entire program, based on accommodation.

Comparing ISB Hyderabad to IIM Ahmedabad, the points below give a list of some brief aspects of the institutes. 

  • Course Duration: IIMA (2 years) > ISB (1 year)
  • Size of batch: ISB (total 900+ in two batches) > IIMA (400+)
  • GMAT Requirement: IIMA > ISB
  • Peer to peer Learning: ISB > IIMA
  • Engineering background: IIMA > ISB
  • Tier-I Engineering Schools: IIMA > ISB
  • Consulting companies: ISB > IIMA
  • Sales and Marketing companies: ISB > IIMA
  • Finance/Banking: IIMA > ISB
  • Post-MBA Salary: IIMA > ISB

Considering the recent statistics, ISB is a better option for experienced candidates, providing the best executive MBA degree in the country.