Which exam to opt for admission in ISB hyderabad, GMAT or GRE?

1 Answer

Harshavardhan Babu Feb 23, 2021

Presently, ISB accepts both GRE and GMAT scores. So, the candidate can take either of the tests to get a seat at ISB, Hyderabad. There are certain aspects both in favor and against of both the exams, considering the structure and content of the exams. The points below give some important points to consider before choosing either of the tests for selection.

  • Evaluate the structure and syllabus of both examinations and choose the one in which you think you can score higher. A good score is an ultimate need for admission.
  • If a candidate wishes to apply for graduate programs other than MBA too, GRE is usually the one opted for. So, an MS, MA, and MBA simultaneous aspirant will prefer GRE.
  • Business schools are somewhat particular about the students they give admission to. They prefer students with a clear vision of MBA only and have a basic idea about their career trajectory. So, GMAT is preferred over GRE in this aspect.
  • GMAT is a more quantitatively challenging exam than GRE. This might matter to the ISB Interview board since they want MBA-focused candidates.

Considering the above-mentioned points, you must select the appropriate exam for your own. Other than this, the school accepts both the exams and so, good performance in either of them is considered equally.