What is the ideal GMAT score that I should aim for to get into ISB Hyderabad?

1 Answer

Niharika Gandhi Feb 23, 2021

For ISB, generally a score between 600 to 780 is considered. There are several notions about admission in ISB Hyderabad and some of them are discussed below in points.

  • There are reviews that state that appearing for GMAT gives no guarantee of admission in ISB, but it’s an assurance that the candidate can adapt himself to the academic pressure of the compressed ISB one-year program.
  • For candidates who are from good institutes and have good academic records and experiences in their resumes, the GMAT is not the only thing to look for. Making a proper application and resume is more important.
  • There are students who have a GMAT score of around 620, with a good profile and work experience, and have got a seat in ISB Hyderabad. On the contrary, there are students with an average profile but an excellent score in GMAT of 720 and have got a seat in Mohali.

So, not only the GMAT score but the profile and experience set matters collectively for the selection in top Business Schools like ISB.