Which institute is better for CSE, NIT Warangal or IIEST Shibpur? I'm from WB.

1 Answer

Anurag Priyadarshan Feb 23, 2021

Undoubtedly NIT Warangal is the better one. Wondering why? Here you go. 

  • Brand Value: NIT Warangal has better brand value and a better alumni base, particularly for the CSE branch. 
  • Coding Culture: If you are willing to opt for Computer Science Engineering, you will find a better coding culture, equipped labs, and excellent placement records at NIT Warangal. Study environment and peers are also better at NITs as the students have to go through rigorous selection procedures. 
  • Cutoff:Apart from that, NIT Warangal has a way better cut-off than IIEST Shibpur. 
  • Higher Studies: Even if you are looking forward to pursuing further studies, your college reputation matters a lot. If you are willing to do MBA from IIMs or MS from abroad, pursuing B.Tech from NIT will help you much as its recognition is more. 

It is highly recommended not to get trapped in the cheesy answers of the scammers who will show you only one face of the coin. Go through the relevant facts and also read reviews on different social platforms, then only choose what is right for you.