Which is better: Civil at IIT Madras or CSE at IIT Dhanbad?

1 Answer

Monika Feb 25, 2021

Between these two comparisons, IIT Dhanbad is better than IIT Madras. The main reason behind this is the better placement statistics in Computer Science. 

However, the condition of the Civil Engineering branch is quite awful, considering any colleges in India. The placement records in IIT Dhanbad for CSE department has reached the peak. 

Another important thing is that IIT Dhanbad has become well-groomed in this culture and represents itself as an ancient Technological Institute in this country. The main consideration for IIT Madras is that it is located in the Metropolitan City. Still, the weather of Madras is very terrific and cannot be ever compared with the weather of Dhanbad.

Thus, if the student doesn’t have a strong understanding of Civil Engineering, then they must choose CSE at IIT Dhanbad. If the students get another stream in IIT Madras, then they choose it as per their likings.