Is IES better than IAS ?

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Dishari Banerjee Feb 25, 2021
Studied at Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad (2018)

This depends mainly on the candidate’s personal choice and what he or she is aiming for. IES stands for Indian Engineering Services and IAS stands for Indian Administrative Services. The examination and recruitment of both these officers are managed by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission). Both of these are high-profile jobs and receive much respect and honor from the government and the people.

Job Role

  • An IES officer handles the technical duties and is responsible for managing the technical tasks of various services of the Indian government.
  • An IAS officer deals more in public and handles the administrative department of the public sector, state and union government.

An IAS officer is more powerful compared to an IES officer as it has more respect in society and commands more power. The pay scales of both are the same but an IAS officer is probably more famous and likely in society. Both of them receive awards and recognition from the government for their work and contributions to society.


  • In IES there are branches like telecom, road, railways, and other infrastructure where you can work by choosing any one of them and show your capabilities and skills.
  • In IAS there are IFS( Indian Foreign Service), IPS (Indian Police Service) and IRS (Indian Revenue Service). A candidate can choose from any of these branches and join them and excel in their future. 


  • To join IES, a candidate must be an engineering graduate from any of the recognized universities. A candidate can apply for IES as much as one wants as there are no limitations on the number of attempts.
  • To join IAS, a candidate must have a bachelor's degree from any of the recognized universities in any course. In the IAS exam, a candidate can apply only 6 times.




Application Fee

100 (Free for Female and Reserved Candidates)

200 (Free for Female and Reserved Candidates)

Number of Seats


Around 500

In IAS, there is a wide variety of subjects and a candidate can choose from one of them according to their choice and preference for the exams.

In IES, there are no choices as it consists of subjects specific to engineering courses like civil, mechanical, electrical, etc.