Which one is better, PSU or IES?

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Anusha Karmakar Feb 25, 2021
B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (IIT KGP) (2011)

Both are great government jobs and receives much respect and honor but it depends

on the individual's preference. Many people prefer IES but PSUs are also great

as their popularity is growing much rapidly. Having friends in both sectors I can share some of the important points - 

Salary -

  • PSU employees are generally offered a higher salary than IES officers. Companies like ONGC, GAIL, IOCL offer 1.5 times higher salary than the central government scale.
  • The salary at base level in Maharatna PSU is higher than IES. As you excel in your job and you get promoted to higher levels the salary difference increases up to 2 times than an IES officer.

Position -

  • In PSU you may have to join from the base level but in IES you can join from the middle level and you will feel good and have work satisfaction. 
  • But the higher levels of both PSU and IES are similar in rank.

Facilities -

  • In IES employees get a vehicle, peon, staff, driver especially in railways from the bottom level. Their names are published in the central gazette by which they can attest documents, character certificates etc. 
  • In PSU only board-level officers and field agents get cars.

Career Progress -

  • In IES the promotions are based on age/seniority-based and in PSU it is merit cum seniority-based. 
  • After 30 years of service, IES gets a seniority edge of 10 years while PSU gets seniority edge of 7-10 years.

Residence/Quarter -

  • IES employees get large bungalows with a large campus area almost from starting level. 
  • But in PSU they get small quarters but the interiors are clean and well maintained. They do offer HRA more easily by which employees can pay EMIs for their flats.

Tours and Travel -

  • PSU offers more facilities on tours and travel. They offer presidential suites in 5-star hotels on an actual cost basis for General Manager and above. They also offer more foreign travel opportunities compared to IES. 
  • IES offers air travel to only senior management.

Job Security - As both of these are government jobs, so both of them are fully secure but in practical IES are a little more secure than PSU.

It ultimately depends on you, and what your preference is. IES is preferred by most but PSUs are also a good option.