Is IIEST Shibpur a better college than NIT Jamshedpur?

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Ashish Tiwari Feb 26, 2021

Between these comparisons, NIT Jamshedpur is far better than IIEST Shibpur. However, the considerations can be made for the following facts:

  • Faculty
  • Research
  • Quality Parameters

As per MHRD Rankings, NIT Jamshedpur is ahead of IIEST Shibpur. Thus, there is something mapping considering the oldness of an institute with its goodness. If this fact is true, then many colleges would be better rather the best than the renowned IITs.

The main thing is that the ultimate reputation and the growth of an institute generally depend on its alumni as well as funds that it gets from the Government because these two things are needed to make sure a good faculty structures.

The following table gives a brief overview of these two institutes


NIT Jamshedpur

IIEST Shibpur

Become NIT



Placement Statistics



Highest CTC

12 LPA


Lowest CTC

3.5 LPA

4.2 LPA

IIEST is a more research-driven college like IISER, and 4 years Engineering Degree does not procure from this institute. Thereby, it is completely meaningless to go for 5 years course despite being interested in doing a Ph.D. in later years. 

Fees at IIEST are more, as it offers one-year extra study. Most importantly, IIEST cannot be an IIT, as there is already one IIT (Kharagpur IIT) in the state, and Modi Government already declared that there would be only IIT in one state. Besides, Jadavpur is considered a competitor if there is a chance to set up another IIT in the state.

Considering the above facts, the recommendation should be given for NIT Jamshedpur as it the best alternatives.