Is the IIEST Shibpur IT 5 year dual course better than the IIITM Gwalior IT 5 year integrated or the IIITDM Jabalpur CSE BTech?

1 Answer

Kumar Shiwam Feb 26, 2021

One of my friends was a student of this institute, but he did not know about the 5 years dual degree program in IIEST Shibpur. He told me that no one even knows about this new university's dual degree course; thereby, if you love to get risks, then take admission to enter here.

Besides, he told me that he was also unaware of the reputation along with the education quality of the other two institutes. However, in IIEST Shibpur, you will get immense learning opportunities; additionally, education quality is also not bad as it is an ancient institute. Rather it improves a lot after becoming INI.

It is challenging to state which institute is better if the student doesn’t know the institute properly. Besides, it is also important to understand what is actually better as the thinking of a student.

However, you are from outside of West Bengal, then IIIT Gwalior must be the first priority, although IIEST Shibpur is a reputed institute. The faculties of IIEST Shibpur are experienced enough, but most of them are Bengali. So, preference will be given to students from West Bengal, as the home state would be a great advantage. They will be able to gain all the opportunities like communication. It is because the students from West Bengal can speak in Bengali far better way than the others.

If there is a comparison between IIIT Gwalior and Jabalpur, then the suggestion will be for IIIT Gwalior, as it offers better placement than the other. Besides, it also has vastly alleged alumni and knowledgeable faculties.