Which college has the better life- ISM (IIT) Dhanbad or IIT Patna?

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Debdeep Majumder Feb 26, 2021

Being an IITian, I can say most of my batch mates chose to opt for IITs mostly Mumbai or Roorkee, above the rest. One of my seniors chose to study at IIT Patna. It is a good institute and ranks #26 on the NIRF ranking portal. 

As for a comparison you'd like to read the following points:

  • Faculty- IIT Patna has a better faculty than ISM Dhanbad and most of the faculty members have PhDs and Dr. Pushpak Bhattacharya is the director there from the CSE dept. which has the best faculty at IIT Patna. He was amongst the 'Top 10 Machine Learning(NLP) Researchers in India'. which is well deserved by a man of his stature. 
  • Infrastructure- As far as the departmental infrastructure is concerned, IIT Patna's CSE department has excellent facilities but equally good is ISM's Mech Department. The general infrastructure includes two hostels for boys and girls; a gymnasium; games rooms; a sports ground for football, basketball, etc. But ISM Dhanbad doesn't lag behind in this as well- it is built on 218 acres of land, has 2 auditoriums, 1 open-air theatre, swimming pool, and multiple eateries.
  • Alumni Network- ISM is an old institute whereas IIT Patna is a new one. Hence, ISM definitely has a stronger and denser alumni base than IIT Patna.

Here's a table of comparison too-


IIT ISM Dhanbad

IIT Patna


#12- NIRF

#26- NIRF

Placement Rate



Top Recruiters

Goldman Sachs, Phone Pe, Sprinklr, Udaan etc

Microsoft, Google, Code Nation, Samsung etc

Average Salary

INR 7.95 LPA

INR 14.76 LPA

Highest Salary



As far as life at these institutes is concerned, it'll depend on the sort of opportunities and peer environment you seek. Anwesha is the annual cultural college fest of IIT Patna and Srijan is that of ISM Dhanbad and if you'd ask the seniors they'd bet that Anwesha is hands down the winner. It is also the second-largest Cultural festival in the area. The colleges hold sports and cultural meetings as well, which are an IIT tradition. Both institutes have comparable infrastructure as well as clubs. So you may decide according to your location and needs.

Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines), Dhanbad