What are the reviews about the course M.A. in Society and Culture from IIT Gandhinagar?

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Sai Sandeep Illendula Feb 26, 2021

IIT Gandhinagar is a premier engineering institute even after that it has tried to contribute its fullest efficiency to the department of arts & humanities. The MA Program in Society and culture is one such example of it. The major highlights of the course are mentioned below:

  • It is an interdisciplinary and flexible course. It provides great insight into the cultural codes in the context of nations & societies.
  • You will develop a good skill base for doctoral studies, policy work, consultancy and it opens up a wide range of careers.
  • Students are given the freedom to touch subjects like Political Science, Communication, Neuroscience, and Psychology.
  • The course is provided as a blend so that a reasonable amount of freedom to follow their choice.

The three constituents of course are :

  1. Literature & Society- To help understand the creativeness of languages across the society in sync with different caste, class, print, and digital cultures.
  2. History & Politics- This is an aim to understand Indian Politics from a deep end in order to reach its foundation.
  3. Public policy & Human Development- It is a methodological approach to look into development by applying social research.

The course is quite theory intensive and the institute believes in providing continuous assessment through evaluations, discussions, cross-questioning, and guest lectures. The course structure is systematic and hence a positive review is a must for the college.