I am planning to join IIIT-Allahabad for an MS in cyber laws and security. What are the pros and cons of that decision?

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Mohan Kumar Feb 26, 2021
Studied at Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad

There are several factors both supporting and opposing while joining IIIT Allahabad for MS in Cyberlaw and Security. There is no provision of admission in the Cyber Law and Security course, but you will be admitted as a master’s student. You will be given a chance to choose among several courses, for example, Robotics, Human-Computer Interaction, Software, etc. 

The points below discuss some of the important factors regarding the course and its outcomes.

  • Priority is given to students with higher CGPA in the 1st semester.
  • It is advised that you should choose IIIT if placements are your only preference. Research facilities and faculty are lacking for this course at IIIT-A.
  • There are famous professors like S.Venkat who are one of the most involved faculty but without a Ph.D. Another faculty, Dr. Maity is capable enough of guidance in research but there are rumors that he might leave the institute.
  • If you are dedicated enough then you can publish your own research paper in journals, even before completion of the degree. 
  • Most of the students are just up for placements and you will find a less number of interested students in research.
  • The placement is excellent for MS students in these subjects, even better than expected. There are students with very little programming knowledge but having a 15+ LPA job in hand. Even 20+ LPA offers are in good numbers.

Therefore, the main aspect that matters is the effort the candidate can devote. Overall, placements are amazing for MS students, but genuine research-interested candidates have a little scope in IIIT-A.