Which is the better choice for a BA LLB, Jamia, BHU, or AMU?

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Rohini Mishra Mar 1, 2021

There are a few law colleges that have been tagged as the “traditional law universities” due to their long history & renowned law faculties. The colleges which fall under this category are- AMU, Jamia, BHU, and GLC Mumbai & DU. although, the reputation of NLUs and their performance can never be surpassed by the above-mentioned law colleges. These universities are well-known & have great faculty that comprises jurists, lawyers, & academicians but their growth rate is slow. They have been able to walk parallel with the changing scenarios in the field of law, including a major deviation from the corporate law field.

You need to make the decision about college by keeping in mind what you want to do in the future. In that, the discussion below can be helpful. 

Aligarh Muslim University:

  • Recently, AMU is in the limelight due to the high selection rate of its students in the judicial services examination. Also, AMU produces academically high qualified students.
  • The number of people from AMU who have traveled abroad for an LLM degree is less, but nevertheless, it’s an achievement that can't be ignored.
  • There is no placement cell at AMU faculty, which limits the internship opportunities. Since AMU is close to Delhi it makes it convenient for the students to seek internships outside the campus.
  • AMU focuses more on acquiring core law knowledge. This might not be of much help when it comes to practical law (Litigation). However, the competitive environment on the campus helps in clearing competitive exams like judiciary exams, DJs, UPPCSJ. At the end of the day, one needs to decide what they want to do, likewise, choose the kind of knowledge they need.
  • The atmosphere of AMU is not conducive for growth unless the student takes the imitative on its own. The student has to look for internships by themselves without being dependent on the college.

Jamia Milia University:

  • There are certain similarities between Jamia and AMU, except for the location. Jamia is located right in the heart of Delhi, thus making it easier for internship opportunities for students. Delhi is a place in terms of developing a legal perspective, therefore widening the exposure of students.
  • The culture of Jamia, along with the enthusiasm for internships is quite lively.
  • Jamia, like AMU, doesn’t have a placement cell on campus. Thus, restricting the job opportunities from the corporate sector of law.


  • BHU has a placement cell for its students.
  • BHU has kept up with the upcoming trends. A proof of this is the introduction of a 1 year LLM course. This hasn’t been adopted by the other two colleges yet.

So, keep these things in mind and decide for yourself.