How is Chemical Engineering at IIT Gandhinagar in terms of course, faculty, packages and placements?

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Nehanshu Kumar Mar 2, 2021

Chemical Engineering at IIT Gandhinagar (IITGN) is decent and underrated, but it is an extremely diverse engineering course one could opt for. As in India, it is difficult to grab your hands on a chemical engineering job because of the supply factor. The supply is greater than the demand itself. It is the quantity that is neglected and the quality which is regarded more. 

The companies/corporations are profited by hiring candidates who are experienced and not freshers. And since the projects you would be working on would be concerned with chemical plants, it is obvious why they require people who are good with their knowledge and have prior experience. 


Chemical Engineering at IIT Gandhinagar

Course Fee

8.71 lakh

Course Duration

4 years

Placement Percentage


Highest CTC

15 LPA

Average CTC


Lowest CTC


Recruiting Companies

DRDO, HPCL, etc.

The companies here would also not accept people who are highly skilled like chemical engineers themselves, as they would demand a high salary. But considering the kind of projects they work on, they have people like chemists and mechanical engineers who are responsible for running the organisation. But if they have an installation and design provided by chemical engineering companies, that is when they would require chemical engineers. 

Lastly, why people don't take chemical engineering seriously is because of how unaware the people are of the basic facts concerning it in general. On the other hand, if you look at IT and service sectors, people are aware because they either have a friend/family/neighbour working in that sector. This isn't with chemical engineering, So, to capsule whatever I have mentioned, it is simply how people carry misconceptions that cause a shortage of jobs for this position.