What is the current placement record at IIEST Shibpur? Is it worth spending 5 years in the dual degree M.Tech program?

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Call mat karo Mar 3, 2021

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Meghdeepa Mondal Mar 2, 2021

As of now, IIEST has recently become an institute which is part of the INI, yet it somehow has not procured enough time to evolve as an Institute of National Importance. It is in fact known to be a very well-reputed institute, however, IIEST is yet lesser heard of outside West Bengal.

If compared on the basis of placements, it does not occupy the space which most of the IITs and NITs have covered, such as Warangal, Surathkal, Tiruchi, Allahabad, Nagpur, Delhi, Mumbai, and several others, but IIEST still has established in factors concerning placements in the past years.

Although, certain years have seen numerous students getting placed in larger percentages by different companies. Having said that, the highest package seized was by the Computer science department with 32 LPA by a student working in Google now.


IIEST Shibpur

Course Fee

1.55 L-1.94 lakh

Placement Percentage


Highest CTC

11 LPA

Average CTC

6.5-6.8 LPA

Lowest CTC

3-4 LPA

Recruiting Companies

Tata Steel, PWC, Google, Deloitte, etc.

This time forward, it is now an individual’s responsibility to decide whether or not it is worth joining a 5 year course. You should sort your priorities in the first place, deciding if you want to perform in either Research or the Job sector. If you end up opting for Research, then the only logical option seconding IITs and IISc, is IIEST. You can stay assured of not repenting your period of time in the 5 year course you are required to do, once you choose research.

However, if you are wondering about moving to the job sector, then it probably would be better to join an institute that offers students a 4 year course. All things considered, there is an added advantage of joining a 4 years course which is that if you wish to pursue M.Tech, you will have better options in your hand, like the U.S., by preparing to sit in exams such as GATE or GRE, with a good rank whatsoever. This can stand as an advantage if you are planning to enroll in IIEST, because it is only then that your extra 1 year would definitely not be wasted.

Although, lastly, it largely is your personal decision whether or not IIEST is worth to put your hands on.