Why can't CST graduates from IIEST Shibpur match the placements and average pay packages of those from Jadavpur University?

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Samta Poddar Mar 2, 2021

My friend is a graduate in CSE from Jadavpur University and according to his experience here are the possible reasons you might be looking for:

  • Reputation:Each and every institution has some flagship departments, which the institution is best known? for. Most of the CSE alumni of Jadavpur University tend to be highly successful. This has given JU prominence in the IT industry in terms of placement. IIEST has that same reputation for mechanical and civil as per his knowledge.

When my friend joined JU, only the ETCE branch was having the best placement. But according to recent placement statistics, IT and CSE also have reached that prominence. 

  • Quality of students: Last year, the closing rank for JU CSE was 134 in the 3rd round which is quite high. This definitely proves the craze for JU CSE. As IIEST takes students only from JEE Main, it fails to get that much attention because of the top 3 NITs. On the other hand, JU is undoubtedly the best college under WBJEE, so it gets that easily.
  • Extracurricular activities: You can participate in a lot of activities like Coding Club, Science Club, Linux User Group, Hult prize, etc. This will certainly give a great platform to learn and develop new skills.
  • Helpful seniors: Seniors are very kind and you won’t be disappointed or refused any help. Some seniors also used to teach juniors on weekly basis in the aforementioned clubs.
  • Active and responsible placement cell: My friend always used to see how the coordinators and OSD Ma'am worked tirelessly just for the sake of the students. Because of them, the CSE’17 batch had an average salary of 14.696LPA. JU IT and ETCE also had a similar kind of placement.

JU has a huge alumni base which helped my friend and his peers more than one can think of. Getting contacts and recommendations made it possible to invite a lot of companies for campus recruitment.