What kind of placements are possible after completing M.Tech in Intelligent Systems from IIIT, Allahabad?

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Bhavya Gandhi Mar 16, 2021
Studied economics at Hansraj college of Delhi University (2018)

Since my brother studied M.Tech from IIIT Allahabad, I will be able to answer your question about the placement possibilities of MTech in Intelligent Systems. 

First of all there are two big advantages of enrolling in this branch :

  1. You will get the opportunity to learn great stuff from some of the finest professors.
  2. You will get a Chance to sit in almost every company you have ever heard of Google (off campus via APAC), such as Microsoft etc.

Intelligence system of college: The Intelligent system is all about how you develop the intelligence of a machine. It includes machine learning that ultimately teaches the ability to learn about a machine, say object recognition, human pose recognition, etc.



IIIT Allahabad

Course Fee

3.24 lakh

Average CTC

10.4 LPA

Recruiting Companies

Adobe, Accenture, HCL, IBM, etc.

Basic placement requirements you need to focus upon are as follows:

  1. In almost every company that visits the campus, you will be given a chance to sit and try your luck.
  2. To sit for the placements, you'll have to compete with the B.tech crowd. And everyone here is very studious and competitive, so it won’t be easy for you at all.
  3. Companies do not come to a particular branch (rarely happens, like 1 out of 80 companies)
  4. Recruiters don't care about your branch, they just want to know how qualified you are in the field of interest and coding.

For all the big firms, the skills you'll learn by following your stream will be applicable and act as an important factor in your selection process. So know your skills and capabilities in respective fields and then go for interviews.