Is IIIT Lucknow a good option for doing an M.Tech or not?

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Vipul Singh Mar 18, 2021
B.Tech from Indian Institute of Information Technology, Lucknow (2020)

The M.Tech program in Computer Science (CS) at IIIT Lucknow is worth considering if you cannot get into other similar institutions such as IIIT Hyderabad, IIIT Bangalore, IIIT Allahabad, NIT Warangal, NIT Trichy, and NIT Karnataka.

  • Though the M.Tech program started only in 2019, companies such as Google, Microsoft, Directi, LinkedIn, Codenation, etc. visit the campus for placements of B.Tech students. So if you are skilled enough, it does not really matter if you are a B.Tech or M.Tech student. The placement records of B.Tech graduates suggest that they are comparable to NIT Calicut, NIT Rourkela, and IIIT Allahabad graduates. 
  • In fact, looking at the NIRF data of colleges such as IIIT Allahabad, it is clear that M.Tech students are more in demand in the industry due to lack of quality students along with their added research experience in the field.
  • The curriculum of the course is also very well designed, offering specializations in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. These are the most demanding subjects in the industry currently and if you study well enough, securing a job should not be difficult.
  • As this is a new course, you will not get the alumni advantage, the first batch is yet to pass-out, you could still connect with your B.Tech alumni as well as alumni from IIIT Allahabad (both the colleges were on the same campus until very recently). 
  • Alternatively, you could also hang out with your B.Tech peers and learn from them as well, because they have a very well-laid-out course structure along with a very competitive culture in coding. 
  • You should also consider studying with the PhDs as the knowledge and in-depth research they conduct in areas such as Machine learning will eventually help you to get a competitive advantage.

So all in all, IIIT Lucknow is a very good option for doing an M.Tech which will sharpen your skills and prepare you for the journey ahead.