How is IMT Nagpur?

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Sethuparvathy S Mar 18, 2021

There are several aspects about the current condition of IMT Nagpur, which is a lot different from the past records and should be considered by a candidate before choosing the institute for an MBA degree. The points listed below give a brief overview of the present condition of the institute.

Course Fee:

The overall fees for a PGDM course of 2 years at IMT Nagpur is 12 Lakhs, which is quite expensive considering the average placement packages offered.


  • The institute is located 25-30 km far away from Nagpur city. 
  • For communication, only a limited number of public transport vehicles is available.


  • Talking about the placement of IMT Nagpur, the overall placement scenario is pretty good, with a decent placement percentage. 
  • The CTC offered by companies generally varies from Rs. 6.75 LPA to Rs. 17 LPA.


  • The overall standard of IMT Nagpur has degraded over the years. It is in no way as good as it was 4-5 years back. 
  • The placements, faculty structure, campus facility standards, etc have decreased over the years. So, it is not a smart investment to spend Rs. 12 Lakhs for an MBA of 2 years from IMT Nagpur, considering the return on investment.

These are some points related to the present condition of IMT Nagpur, which is decent considering the placement, but not a very good option due to high fees and degrading standards.