How is IIITM Gwalior IT compared to VIT Vellore CSE?

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Manoj Maurya Mar 22, 2021

While both of them are premier institutes and are known for delivering quality education to their students, there are some facts you must check before deciding which one is better for you.

  • IIITM Gwalior is the first IIIT of India and is an autonomous institute that is fully funded by MHRD. Whereas, VIT Vellore is a private institute that was initially started in Vellore and now it has its campus in Chennai and Amaravati too. 
  • Now being an IIIT, IIITM is completely focused on the IT /CS and related fields. On the other hand, VIT has other branches too so you can’t say it is totally focused on CS/IT field.
  • In IIITM you will find fewer students per branch (around 120) while in VIT you will see huge crowds (about 720 students only in the CS branch).
  • To get into IIITM you will have to get a rank in JEE Mains (JOSAA) while for VIT, you must appear in a separate entrance exam named VITEEE.
  • My friend took admission in VIT through management quota and this is quite a common scenario there. This can be a huge downside as you will be competing with the ones who got admission by paying money.
  • On the other hand, IIITM being a Central Govt. institute you won’t face such issues there and you’ll be competing with some of the best talents in the country.
  • Now if you have financial constraints, VIT being a private institute might get very costly for you. Whereas, IIITM being a govt. The institute has a very affordable fee structure and offers you various scholarship programs.



CSE at VIT Vellore

Course Fee

5.4-6.7 lakh

4.89-7.83 lakh

Placement Percentage



Highest CTC

10 LPA

21 LPA

Average CTC


8-12 LPA

Lowest CTC


3-4 LPA

Recruiting Companies

TCS, PwC, Jaro, Axiom, etc.

Microsoft, Google, JP Morgan, HSBC, etc.

Hence, almost in every important aspect, the IT at IIITM Gwalior seems to have an edge over CS at VIT Vellore. And finally studying at IIIT provides you with a tag of “Indian Institute” which VIT would not provide.