Is Kerala technological university better than CUSAT?

1 Answer

Udit Mundra Mar 23, 2021
B.Tech from Cochin University Of Science and Technology (2011)

In my opinion, CUSAT is much better than KTU and there are multiple reasons why. One of the only reasons why KTU could be better than CUSAT is the fact that results are released within a month of conducting exams. So if you have deadlines coming up or are applying somewhere, you will not have to wait too long. CUSAT does not follow this scheme. Although recently, they have changed this scheme.

Additionally, the choice between these two colleges will heavily depend on the branch you are planning on applying to. As you know, every place will have its own pros and cons. The points below should probably help you gain some insight:

  • KTU and CUSAT are state universities. Moreover, they are both UGC and AICTE approved institutes. A plus point with CUSAT is that it has been accredited with NAAC grade A.
  •  CUSAT also has a relatively better and robust syllabus as compared to KTU. From my knowledge, it is tougher than NITs and possibly nearly equivalent to the syllabus taught in BITs and IITs.

If you want to compare, you should take a look at the first-year syllabus taught at both places.

  • CUSAT also has better faculty. Most of them hold a Ph.D. or are highly experienced individuals in their field of study.
  • Moreover, CUSAT is ranked among the top 1000 universities in the world whereas NITs themselves are not on the list. 
  • If you are concerned about placements, you don’t need to worry about them. The highest package offered at CUSAT is INR 15 LPA with an average package of INR 4.7 LPA.
  • Major recruiters at the college include Cisco, L&T, and TCS whereas when it comes to KTU most students are of the opinion that only 30% of them have been placed.
  • Another major plus point is that the Engineering branch has been accredited under tier 1 colleges by NBA.
  • Lastly, the campus also plays a pivotal role when it comes to choosing between the two. My friends would describe it as the dream campus with exciting opportunities.

From this, my advice to you would be to definitely consider CUSAT over KTU for your studies. Your career will be set and you will have a plethora of opportunities open for you.