Indian Institute of Information Technology, Design and Manufacturing, Jabalpur: What is it like to be a student at IIITDMJ?

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Paulami Kar Mar 25, 2021
Studied at Indian Institute of Information Technology, Design and Manufacturing, Jabalpur (2019)

One of my school friends passed out from IIITDMJ last year. He has described his wonderful experience through a timeline, which is depicted below.

Year 2016-17

  • This was the most unforgettable year of his 4-year journey. Although they were excited to join the college there was fear of being ragged by seniors. However interaction with the seniors turned out to be fun and helpful later.
  • As the first semester started, the fear of Lamba sir (Mathematics for Continuous Domain) was engulfing the whole batch. But they didn’t stop enjoying every moment and some of them posed themselves as seniors and started to rag their own batch-mates on phones. 
  • Also, he still remembers the day when India won the world cup and they piled up all the chairs inside the mess.

Year 2017-18

  • This year their hostel was shifted to TFRI campus. Counter-strike fever gripped almost the entire batch. Every Friday night the whole mess used to be hijacked for this purpose after dinner.
  • Every morning they used to rush to catch the college buses from TFRI to GEC. 
  • Sharing a small hostel room (1 bathroom) with 2 other guys became difficult. This year was not that fun because all of them were exhausted with this hectic schedule

Year 2018-19

  • They were shifted back to their own campus, happy and mesmerized by the beauty of surrounding flora and fauna. However, they faced problems with water, electricity and other basic necessities.
  • The sixth semester was special because they were going to host Tarang'18. Through their combined hard work, they were able to put up a grand show with Jal performing at their campus, the first time in Central India.

Year 2019-20

  • As the Final Year approached, they all were worried about placements and so was my friend, as CSE representative. His days used to pass by getting contact numbers of Company HR, talking to them.
  • By the end of December all CSE was placed (majority in Infosys). Early morning cricket matches started and my friend along with many other CSE guys started to bunk Machine Learning classes taken by Manish Sir.

After having so much fun, finally, the day arrived when they started to pack their bags and start a new journey. They gave a farewell to themselves.

It all depends on how you socialize with people and make the best out of every moment of your journey.