Which is better for CS/ECE NIT Hamirpur, NIT Jalandhar, IIIT Kancheepuram, IIIT Jabalpur?

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Juhi Singh Mar 25, 2021
Studied Pharmaceutical Sciences at Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra (2018)

Firstly, you need to know about the difference between CSE in a low-ranked college and an ECE in a high-ranked college.

You have to be clear of your choices as the branch you choose will greatly decide the future of your career. CSE and ECE core subjects are somewhat different and they focus on different directions. In many NITs, IIIT, IIT you get a chance of branch change based on your academic performance, but please mind that it is not an easy process. So it is better to choose the correct branch at first.


NIT Hamirpur

NIT Jalandhar

IIIT Kancheepuram

IIIT Jabalpur

Course Fee

6.86-8.57 lakh

6.76 lakh

5.25-6.55 lakh

5.29 lakh

Placement Percentage





Highest CTC

8-10 LPA

13-15 LPA

15 LPA

16 LPA

Average CTC

4-5 LPA

5-6 LPA


7-8 LPA

Recruiting Companies

Amazon, Paytm and Adobe

Microsoft, Amazon, Samsung, Adobe, UHG, DE Shaw and Goldman Sachs.

Adobe Reader, Zentrum Labs and L&T

Capgemini, BHEL, Amazon, Global Logic, etc.

Secondly, If you are keenly interested in the CSE branch we would suggest you go for IIIT Jabalpur as it is known for its CSE placements, curriculum, and culture. Now IIIT Kancheepuram is also a good college, but never join a college only for a Branch, you should look at parameters like the local city, distance from your hometown and food, you’ll get totally South Indian food in Kancheepuram.)

So, if your preferred branch also comes with location perks, that option is the best for you. And with your NIT choices, they too are good but only if your preference is with ECE. If you are interested in CSE, go for IIITs.