Which is better, CSE at NIT Rourkela or CSE at MNIT Jaipur? Why?

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Aarushi Kalra Mar 26, 2021

MNIT Jaipur has always been in the lead in MHRD ranking and ahead of NIT Rourkela. I believe you are asking for a DASA candidate, because of its better connectivity to the Gulf countries, I would strongly recommend Jaipur. 

One of MNIT Jaipur’s most appealing areas is how close it is to the main city but it is also not in a very overcrowded section of the city. Everything is accessible on foot. Mess food isn't that good, but it isn't awful again. The weather is nice but it is a little hot but very stable in April otherwise.


NIT Rourkela

MNIT Jaipur

Course Fee

6.4-7.93 lakh

6.56 lakh

Placement Percentage



Highest CTC

12 LPA

10-15 LPA

Average CTC

5-6 LPA

5-7.5 LPA

Recruiting Companies

Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung, Nokia, Tata, Schneider, IOCL, GAIL, HP, Direct, etc.

De Shaw & Co., Arcesium, Goodman Sachs, Amazon, JP Morgan and Chase, Texas Instruments, Samsung, etc.

NIT Rourkela is a leading body. However, it is ultimately up to the person how many they apply and study and use the information in the work interviews and career while also developing internally and externally into a full individual as long as 2 institutions stand similar and you receive the approval offer from both.

You can decide 3 things: character, culture, and ability. There are three factors. You can get the third 'C' from your college or university, but there can be no institution to instill in you for the first two, which is what makes a long-term difference.