Should I go for MDI Gurgaon or IIM Indore?

1 Answer

Urmila Gupta Mar 26, 2021
MBA Marketing & Operations Management, Management Development Institute, Gurgaon (2017)

One of my friends is an alumnus of MDI Gurgaon, and he gives me an overview very objectively and clearly on the following important parameters.


  • The official placement reports of both of these institutes reveal that MDI provides a higher average CTC.
  • Considering the figures with the same percentage points, it can be mentioned that the placement figure of MDI is higher than the other one.


  • As per the placement reports, it can be mentioned that both of these institutes do not have many differences in the companies that come for recruitment and the offered profile as well.

Batch Size

  • MDI has a relatively small number of students in each of its batches that are approximately 240 in the PGPM course. It is the greatest advantage to the students.
  • Besides, the competition is high enough in IIM Indore as it has around 400+ students in each of its batches.


  • Both of these institutes have an excellent faculty pool.
  • It assists the students to get huge opportunities.
  • Another important fact is that MDI does not have any reservation, and it supports the students to make interact with an astonishing peer group.

It is definitely that studying in IIM Indore will give the student a tag of IIM that is beneficial enough in the society and places in the short run. But studying in MDI Gurgaon has several competitive advantages over IIM Indore. This is the utmost advantage, which can affect top-level B-schools in India. So, if a student gets a chance to study management, they must choose MDI despite IIM Indore.