How similar/different are IIM Indore and Spjimr?

1 Answer

Anushree Talapatra Mar 26, 2021
Studied at Indian Institute of Management Indore

The main thing about studying for an MBA is that “MBA provides a brand in all”; however, IIM Indore and SBIM Pune are quite similar in this aspect.

These days, people no longer look for only the tag of IIM because, in recent days, numerous IIMs are ultimately diluting this institute's brand. If a student only considers the brand, then IIM A, B, and C would score the topmost rank than the maximum B-schools like FMS, XLRI. After that, it is more or less similar in the case of IIM I, L, K, SPJIMR, and JBIMS.

If you compare SPJIMR and IIM Indore, then it can be mentioned that both of these institutes and their own strengths and both them have successfully made some industry relations in the past few years.

It can be mentioned that SPJIMR is very strong in the marketing stream, which is similar enough to the top-ranked IIMs.

Besides, FMCG is another factor and the firms, namely PNG, HUL, Colpal, make recruitment from SPJIMR mostly. Besides, ITC mostly recruits from IIM I. Moreover, IIM Indore has some advantages in investment banking because most banking firms like DB and Goldman recruit students here more than SPJIMR. Thus, it is important to choose institutes and carefully plan for your future.

One of IIM Indore's major disadvantages is its giant size of the batch, approximately 450+ students in each of its batch. However, it is comparatively low in SPJIMR that is around 230 students. So, it makes a huge competition at the time of placement, but it is useful enough in developing a good network of alumni. In short, both of these institutes are somewhat similar, but the student has to choose between these two, then the recommendation is always for SPJIMR.