Which is better, NDIM Delhi or IMM Fostiima School for PGDM?

1 Answer

Rishikesh Kumar Mar 31, 2021

See that both colleges are Tier-2 B schools and both have their own positive and negative aspects.

Both colleges are expensive and there's nothing great about placement. They both struggle to place around 70–75 percent of the students, and therefore the ROI is low and a bit uncertain. But both of them are trying and the possibilities are there.


NDIM Delhi

IMM Fostiima School

Course Fee

9.3 lakh

8.25 lakh

Placement Percentage



Highest CTC

16 LPA

13 LPA

Average CTC

6.5 LPA

4.5 LPA

Recruiting Companies

Dabur, Kent, HUL, KPMG, etc.

Deloitte, ICICI, Byju’s, Berger, etc.

On the other hand, try a few Hyderabad B Schools, their fee structure will be low and the ROI will also be good, thanks to a good placement.

ASB (Ashoka School of Business), IMT, NMIMS, IMT, SIBM, IPE are few such colleges in Hyderabad. These colleges have a great advantage of a strong base of local companies and, as a result, the placement is smooth.

For example, Ashoka university charges only INR 6.9 Lakhs, but the placement is very good, thanks to excellent grooming programs and industry connections. That's why also ROI is pretty good here.