Which one should I choose for electrical Engg: BIT Mesra, NIT Raipur, NIT Silchar, PEC Chandigarh, or NIT Hamirpur?

1 Answer

Rishikesh Kumar Apr 1, 2021

Out of the five, no doubt, BIT Mesra should be your first preference for Electrical Engineering.

  • Among, NIT, PEC, and BIT it is definitely a tough choice to make, and the points through which one should choose are also uncertain which leads to a wrong decision. The GFTI that is BIT Mesra has been providing education for 60 years especially in the domain of technology. 
  • BIT is a reputed college, although with a little high pricing but then the quality of education and atmosphere there is amazing. 
  • People choose NIT because it is affordable but when compared rightly, BIT Mesra would be a better choice.

For the factors such as placements, eco-friendly campus, infrastructure, academics BIT Mesra is at the top among these five colleges. But one can search more on these parameters about other institutes to get a piece of better knowledge.