What is better, NIT Nagpur (chemical), NIT Patna(IT), NIT Raipur (electrical), or NIT Bhopal (chemical)?

1 Answer

Komal Yadav Apr 1, 2021

To know what’s better for you, you just need to evaluate your preferences first. However, in this case, you have two major criteria to consider before choosing one - Desired Branch or Desired Institute.

There can be two scenarios based on the above criteria:

  1. In the first scenario, you got into a good institute but didn’t manage to get the branch you wanted. Here, you might be happy in the beginning but later when the subjects get deeper, you may feel lost. It happened with my friend too. He was a CS enthusiast but because of few decimals in his JEE Main score, he somehow managed to get Electrical in NIT Nagpur.
  2. The second scenario is much less disappointing. You may not get a college of your choice but if you get into your favorite branch then you’ll enjoy it sooner or later.

Now considering if you are comfortable with any branch then check the following factors:

  • Rank-wise NIT Raipur and NIT Patna are within the top 15-20 NITs whereas NIT Bhopal and Nagpur are within the top 7. Chemical in VNIT Nagpur and Bhopal are also in the top 10.
  • Choose NIT Raipur for core branches like Electrical.
  • CSE/IT are sister branches with almost 80–90% similar curriculum and placement too. If you are a coding freak or want to learn then go for NIT Patna.
  • If a high package is your goal then the IT branch would be best.

As per this, none of them is better. It totally depends on what is your pool of interest and your future plans regarding it. At the end of the day, your success will be determined by skills and hard work, not just the college.