Is NIT Goa good?

1 Answer

Rishikesh Kumar Apr 5, 2021

My brother was a student at this institute. He scored 180 in JEE Main and bagged an AIR of 13000. The day he entered the institute, he realized this wasn't for him. But as time passed, he got familiar with the college and even started enjoying his time there. Here are some snippets of his experience at the institute. 

  • One of the best faculty members taught them.
  • They had a campus of their own, even though temporary.
  • The quality of placements has increased. The placements in this campus are considered to have the best status among all the new NITs.
  • Sports facilities are building up and the administration is also coming up with various opportunities.
  • NIT Goa is considered to be the 12th best among all the 30 NITs. 
  • The institute is 0% tolerant of ragging. No cases of ragging have come up in recent times. 
  • NIT Goa is far better than GEC Goa. So your choice should always be NIT Goa.

Being a part of the first few batches my brother had many opportunities. They even started a cultural festival in college. My brother does not regret choosing NIT Goa one bit. Most of his batchmates secured job offers at reputed MNCs.