How are hostels in IIIT Jabalpur?

1 Answer

Rohan Singh Apr 8, 2021
Indian Institute of Information Technology, Design and Manufacturing, Jabalpur

IIIT Jabalpur hostels are good. Its rooms are just like any other private college. They are not like other Government college’s hostels.

IIIT Jabalpur has 3 hostels, Hall of residence 1, Hall of residence 3, and Hall of residence 4. 

  • Rooms: There are 1 seat, 3 seaters, and 4 seaters room. The rooms of hostels are spacious and big. Hostels do not have a/c facility in their room. There are beds for every single person. Each student also allotted wardrobes for keeping their personal belongings. All the rooms also have Wi-fi facilities with good bandwidth. 
  • Canteens: The hostels also have a canteen facility that runs till midnight. 
  • Restrictions: There are no strict restrictions on timing. 
  • Hygiene and Cleanness: The hygiene and cleanses of the rooms are good. Cleaner comes to clean and mopped the room. These charges are included in the hostel fees. 
  • Mess: The hostel has a mess facility. But students mostly don’t depend on the mess food. There are Nescafe, Subway, and other eateries outside the campus. 
  • Sports facility: The hostel has a Student Activity Centre known as SAC, where there is a cricket ground, basketball, and volleyball court. Along with that it also has an indoor sports facility. So if you are a sports enthusiast, you will surely have a great time here.

Therefore, if you are thinking of joining IIIT Jabalpur, then surely apply for its hostel. It has a great hostel facility, which is also in good condition.