Should I join KJ Somaiya PGDM FS or FORE PGDM?

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Abhijit Pal Apr 9, 2021

One of my friends studied in KJ Somaiya and knowing a lot about his experiences, I feel I am eligible to answer this question. Though my perception and yours might differ largely, the decision actually depends on each individual.

Being a specialization course it has a great demand among potential candidates. It is a 2-year program making students well aware of the core finance associated subjects and business fundamentals, giving them an upper hand in the subject over any other colleges.

These factors will let you make an informed decision - 

  • Faculty - One of the best things about this institution is its faculty members, which include many stalwarts from the business fields., most of them being PhD holders. They have a realistic approach, insightful, and have a cordial approach towards the students.
  • Case Studies - More than 250 standard Harvard Business Review cases provide you with the knowledge of real-life dealings, which will be further necessary to you while in the corporate world.
  • Modern and Updated Technology - They have a Bloomberg lab with online submissions facilities, Databases like EBSCO and Euromonitor are also available to the students for easy usage in data analysis.
  • Student-Driven Committees - There are 26 student committees that vary in different genres and styles, catering to every student's interests. These ranges from Drama, Sports to Training Programs as well.
  • Placements - Mumbai being the financial capital, get a location advantage. Students are provided with seminars, internships, and industry visits conducted by some of the companies based nearby.

The following table gives you the basic details of both the institutes.


KJ Somaiya (PGDM FS)

FORE School of Management (PGDM)


INR 7.81 L

INR 15.98 L


2 Years

2 Years


PUMA, Aditya Birla Group, Dell, GULF, Deloitte, Piramal, etc.

ITC, Nestle, Asian Paints, Hindustan Unilever Limited, Bacardi, United Biscuits, etc.

Average Package 

INR 10.5 LPA

INR 10.6 LPA 

Highest Package 

INR 27.50 LPA


Somaiya Institute is well known for its financial education. Its faculty is also good as Mumbai’s based top CA’s are visiting faculty in Somaiya. Its placement is also good, but accommodation is a bit costly. 

Therefore, between these two institutes, you can choose K. J. Somaiya Institute of Management as most of the financial experts and recruiters to prefer Somaiya Institute over FORE School of Management for recruitment.