Which university is the best, CUSAT or KTU?

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Anil Tigga Apr 9, 2021

CUSAT is known for its heritage and integrity while KTU lacks it. As far as the syllabus is concerned, CUSAT is tougher than KTU. Since the syllabus is tough, the degree offered by CUSAT is more valuable. Applying for higher study options in foreign universities will become easier. 

CUSAT got featured in Times Higher Education ranking and BRICKS ranking recently. Only 31 institutions were selected from India and this was the only university from Kerala to be featured in the results. 

If you opt for CSE or EC, you will definitely secure a job. CUSAT has some very rare degree programs like Polymer engineering, Naval Arc, Safety and Fire Engineering, and Photonics. The course, Naval Arc will set up your career. The labs are equipped with sufficient instruments. 

The start-up culture at CUSAT is also great. They conduct frequent industry visits. The students actively participate in Campus politics. SOE and CUCEK are the only campuses under CUSAT. Hence the students’ problems get easily conveyed to the authorities and the actions are taken readily. This is not the case with KTU where students' queries are not given priority. 




Course Fee

3.53 lakh

3.79 lakh

Placement Percentage



Highest CTC

15 LPA

7-8 LPA

Average CTC

5-6 LPA

3.5-4.5 LPA

Recruiting Companies

Infosys, L&T, IBM, TCS, etc.

IBM, Microsoft, TCS, Infosys, etc.

Library facility makes CUSAT stand apart. SOE has its own library for literature, engineering books, journals, and magazines. 

The syllabus got updated in 2015 and the new syllabus is quite impressive and compatible with the new industry standards.

A major disadvantage of CUSAT is its fee which might be higher than usual. Being a government institution, you would only be guided by teachers. Most of the professors are good but some of them fail to make things clear to the students. But this is applicable to all institutions. 

Hostel facilities are limited. If you fall into the general category, you would not get a hostel in the first year. But there are many private hostels near the campus. So, accommodation is not a big issue.