While applying to the US for an MS, are NITs (Surathkal, Trichy, Warangal) considered the same level as the new IITs?

1 Answer

Keshav Jindal Apr 12, 2021

No, NITs are definitely not considered of the same level as the new IITs while applying to the US for an MS. But, the fact that IITs are the best brand in India and the second-best brand are NITs, is well known to the admission committees of most of the institutions.

  • Every year, students from the top three NITs make it to top universities in the US. 
  • With the increase in this trend, NIT Trichy, Surathkal and Warangal are known to many institutions in the US. 
  • Besides, the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the top NITs and many international institutions also are of great help to the students.
  • Top universities like Stanford, MIT, CMU, etc., commonly witness students from NIT Surathkal. 

Therefore, making it to top-notch universities is certainly possible; all that you need is good grades, a good GRE score, good SOP, and a few publications.