Which is better, TISS or IMT Ghaziabad?

1 Answer

Anil Tigga Apr 12, 2021

Based on the specializations of both the institutes, they are leagues apart. The Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) is solely meant for courses in social services whereas IMT Ghaziabad is a business school providing PGDM which is equivalent to MBA.

Going by your comparison, it is clear that your question is for HRM & LR at TISS which is an MA degree in Human Resource Management & Labour Relations. Although, it totally depends on your pool of interest that which course you want to go for, here are some comparisons to look for :

  • IMT Ghaziabad is renowned for its marketing and it is one of the best colleges for marketing. So, if you are looking for corporate job roles then yes, IMT is the best choice.

TISS is renowned for social services and it has clearly made its position among top colleges in the country. 

  • If you have budget constraints, go for TISS which has a program fee of about 3 lacs including everything. IMT Ghaziabad is costly with about 19.53 lacs program fee as of 2021.
  • TISS usually has a small batch size of 60-68 students. Whereas, IMT has a huge batch size of 450.
  • The average placement package in TISS is really good at about 21.15 LPA, as of the 2020 batch. Coming to IMT, the average package is about 12-14 LPA due to the huge batch size.

At the end of the day, what matters the most is your interest and fervor for the subject. Unless you are very much inclined to the marketing and corporate industry, choose TISS which is economically friendly and also returns with a good placement package.