What is the best MBA college in Bangalore amongst these three: Don Bosco Group, National School of Business & IIBS?

1 Answer

Debdeep Majumder Apr 13, 2021

One of my friends has told me that IIBS is not so good for studying MBA, as he was in the first batch of this institute. The college administrators have lied from their first day, and he is sure enough that it is still there. 

  • When my friend saw the building and experienced the administration, he becomes terrified, although he is well-placed now due to his arduous work and concentration. 
  • The placement opportunity for the first batch was horrible, but some of the students got offered in Dubai. The college has been investing in many students for its advertising. 
  • Students from low financial backgrounds are forced ridiculously to sell their savings account and their credit cards in the placement. Thus, many students were compelled to return to their homes as they already have heavy loans for their studies.
  • Students crowd is mostly from UP and Bihar, with their nasty behaviors and manners and their rural laden converse. It should not be the environment of an MBA college.
  • One of the ex-director, namely Biswas, of this institute always misguided the students. At the time of admission, he talked very nicely, but after taking the admission, the student will understand how bad he is.
  • College MD is very cunning, and he speaks very little but observes the people a lot. So the student must be conscientious if they will take admission through this person because this person earns approximately 40K as a referral code for the student admission.

Thus, the best suggestion is to study for CAT to get a better score and find the best MBA College rather than IIBS.