Which has better hostel conditions, NIT Trichy, or NIT Warangal?

1 Answer

Anil Tigga Apr 13, 2021

The hostels of the National Institute of Technology, Warangal are quite good in terms of facilities, comfort, and luxuries. My sister has studied there and she has often told me about the experiences there.

There are a few points listed below that states the experiences of my sister and her friends from their time in NIT Warangal.

  • The hostel facilities provided in NIT Warangal are filled with luxuries and very comfortable too. There are separate hostels provided to students of different years and different courses.
  • The students of the first year are provided with the Ultra Mega Hostel, which accommodates almost 1800 students. There is no single room provided in this hostel, and students need to share a room with other students. Almost 1500 rooms are there in this hostel. Along with first-year B.Tech students, M.Tech students are also accommodated in this hostel. It is considered to be the biggest hostel in India, comprising 9 floors.
  • Now coming to the second years, you will be allotted the 4th, 6th, 7th, and 8th blocks. The 4th block consists of double seater rooms and the 6th, 7th and 8th block consists of triple seater rooms. There are 16 rooms in each block, with 8 rooms on each side.
  • There is a separate hostel from the second year for students outside India, who got selected from DASA scores.
  • The girl’s hostels are comparatively new construction buildings and are quite good.
  • The third and fourth-year students are given 1000 single accommodation rooms. These buildings have excellent architecture.

Therefore, this is the overall overview of hostels in NIT Warangal, which comprises different sets of hostels for different year students, with every hostel being filled with facilities and luxuries.