Which is better for CSE/IT, IIT Gandhinagar or IIIT-Allahabad?

1 Answer

Sandip Pal Apr 16, 2021

My friend studies at IIIT Allahabad. He considers it better than most of the IITs out there. If you are not after the IIT tag, go for IIIT Allahabad. However, both these institutions have an equally great reputation as eminent institutes of India. 

You may want to consider the following points as well, before deciding.

  • IIITA is an INI vide IIIT Act 2014 and IIT Gandhinagar is INI vide IIT Act 1961.
  • IIITA is well known for its IT program. Its placements have been excellent as well, in terms of consistency. In 2019, the placement rate was 95% and in 2020 it was 96%.
  • More than 120 companies have visited IIIT Allahabad over these years.
  • The institute also has a group of erudite faculty members which are quite helpful in the provision of support throughout the academic program. Some of my friend's favorites are BSS, Sanyal, Nandi, and others. The director of the department P Nagbhushan has been elemental in bringing in excellent faculty members who have been dedicated to the program, unlike IIT Gandhinagar.
  • The coding culture is brilliant here as well, because of which you can get placement offers with good companies.
  • The funding by the government is a hefty INR 72 crores for a single year for two branches; which is more than enough for IT.

Moreover, a lot of new departments are being constructed as BH5 7 floors building. The institute will rise in the years to come according to the plan charted by MHRD which includes the addition of startups, MOOCs, and employment of faculty members from countries abroad.