Which should I choose for a BTech in CSE, IT, ECE, or EEE - BIT Sindri or KIIT?

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Janvi Bhambri Apr 16, 2021

One of my brothers is in BIT Sindri so I might be able to answer your question. Let us discuss the pros and cons of BIT Sindri to understand the college a little better.

Pros of joining BIT Sindri:

  • BIT Sindri is a government college and many companies choose government colleges for placements. 
  • Good placements, various companies visit campuses such as TATA, ABG companies, IT companies, and other core companies.
  • The college has a Hi-tech lab facility for EE which is one of a kind in Asia.
  • Metallurgy and mining branch option available and most students from mining got placements in CIL
  • The faculty is very friendly and the alumni base is the best in every field.
  • Regarding the college, it is spread over 400 acres with separate hostels for every branch and that too for each year. Altogether more than 20 hostels. There is a central library on campus which has almost everything.

Cons of joining BIT Sindri:

  • BIT has students only from Jharkhand and Bihar, so, high interaction coefficient.
  • EE is a more popular course here than IT and CS.

So, if money is not a factor for you, you can opt for IT CS and go for KIIT, but if you like EE or ECE go for BIT.

My brother scored 121 in the general category in BIT and 243 in the general category in the KIIT entrance exam. He chose EE in BIT and did not regret it later. KIIT is very expensive.

Remember that before selecting a college, consider what you want to do after four years — is it an MBA, a job in a core company, or IT — and then choose from the options.