Which is better: VIT Vellore or BIT Sindri?

1 Answer

Nikhil Ranjan Apr 16, 2021

One of my friends is in BIT Sindri, so I might be able to answer your question here. Both are very popular institutes, but I will give some information about BIT Sindri’s pros and cons. Analyzing that you can then make an informed decision. 

Why BIT Sindri would be a better choice:

  • Not at all expensive, fees are almost negligible here.
  • BIT Sindri has been a brand in itself since 1949.
  • Has a rich alumni base with great success history.
  • Want to crack GATE, CAT, IES, UPSC, JPSC, GRE, TOEFL, SSC, BANK/PO in your current graduation year. You will have ample time to study for those exams while you are in college.
  • Attending college is not compulsory.
  • Vast campus with beautiful infrastructure(450 acres).

Course Fee

VIT Vellore

BIT Sindri

Course Fee

4.89-7.83 lakh

1.17 lakh

Placement Percentage



Highest CTC

30 LPA

12-18 LPA

Average CTC

15 LPA

8-10 LPA

Recruiting Companies

Accenture, Deloitte, IBM, Wipro, etc.

Capgemini, ITC, Vedanta, Jaro Education, etc.

Why you should not choose BIT Sindri :

  • Very less number of classes (Even HOD's and professors of college don't recommend taking jobs here because of fewer classes)
  • Labs are just for writing assignments and journals.
  • Infrastructure is good from many private colleges, but not sufficient professors and lab technicians to help you, and those who are present are not enthusiastic enough to make you learn something new.
  • Even there is no Wi-Fi. You will have to go to labs to avail that. You can't even learn by yourself from courses or NPTEL or any other online sites.

That's all about BIT Sindri. Honestly speaking, Personality development and industry exposure are much better at VIT.