How is taking CSE at BIT Sindri? Is it better than studying production, metallurgy and chemicals?

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Rahul Ahuja Apr 16, 2021

First of all, it is one of the most sought out branches here in BIT Sindri, so definitely if you are studying CSE and the world of coding fascinates you then go for it. Without a doubt, I can say that if you are good at coding and you are really passionate about it then the college doesn't matter much because there are many good online courses and competitions available to prove your skills.


CSE at BIT Sindri

Course Fee

1.17 lakh

Placement Percentage


Highest CTC

12 LPA

Average CTC

4-5 LPA

Recruiting Companies

TCS, IBM, Deloitte, Amazon, Tata Steel, Vedanta, etc.

In terms of placements, you will be placed, but not in the companies you desire. Metallurgical engineering clearly outperforms the competition. To be honest, production and chemicals are not great, but it also depends on the person, as I have seen my seniors from these branches get placements in Vedanta and Tata with good salary packages.