How good are colleges like SIIB, TAPMI, Narsee Monjee Bangalore, KJ Somaiya and Goa institute of Management? Would it be worth to pursue MBA from these colleges after having 2 years of job experience?

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Sonali Jain Apr 16, 2021

Yes, all these are good colleges and it is worth doing your MBA from any of them after 2 years of work experience. On the other hand, a lot of it depends on various other factors.

The prime question that you should ask yourself is whether you want to pass out of these institutes for the sake of a degree or you would want to try harder for the next year and get into one of the top colleges with a good Percentile.


KJ Somaiya



Narsee Monjee Bangalore

Goa Institute Of Management


#56 by NIRF


#26 by NIRF

#7 by Business Today

#48 by NIRF

Total Fee

16.21 lakhs

10.28 lakhs

15.1 lakhs

16.5 lakhs

17.21 lakhs

Cut off






Companies Visited

Quikr, Hindustan Unilever, etc.

Zomato, H&M, ITC, etc.

HDFC, ICICI, Deloitte, etc.

Dell, Maruti Suzuki, Wipro, etc.

BMW, JP Morgan, Reliance, etc.

Highest Package

29.75 lakhs

45 lakhs

25 lakhs

21.38 lakhs

25.6 lakhs

When we talk about Average Placements, for those who have graduated from top engineering colleges such as IITs and NITs, the average placements for these colleges is less when compared to them and so, it is of no use joining these. Similarly, a person who is from a less renowned college would end up getting a higher-paid job.

The average salary for all these institutes falls under 10 LPA. Nevertheless, it is advisable to try harder for the next year and get a 95+ percentile. This will land you into one of the IIMs. 95% is a decent score for newer IIMs along with some old ones. Only IIM ABC needs a score of 99+. If your 10th, 12th, and Graduation marks are quite decent, then they will not cause any problems (except in the case of IIM A and B). And hence, you will eventually get a better job from an IIM.