Is a KJ Somaiya PGDM worth it after 4 years of work experience and a decent package at an MNC?

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Supriya Sarkar Apr 16, 2021

After 4 years of experience with a decent package at an MNC, pursuing MBA from KJ Somaiya would not be a great choice. 


KJ Somaiya


#56 by NIRF

Total Fee

16.21 lakhs

Companies Visited

Quikr, Hindustan Unilever, etc.

Seat Intake


Highest Package

29.75 lakhs

To qualify this fact, here are a few pointers below –

  1. A lot of it revolves around the specialization that you would choose. For instance, in the domain of Finance and HR, things are very difficult. A lot of companies have criteria for ‘maximum work experience’. Therefore, you would have a very less chance of getting shortlisted in them. Such firms also exist in the domain of marketing.
  2. In the domain of IT or technical, this much work experience will help you in getting better packages and designations, if only you have worked with similar roles earlier. IT is considered as the savior in Tier 2 colleges and hence, it absorbs a lot of people.
  3. The package that you will be offered would be more or less the same to you, as it would be to the freshers. The package would fall somewhere around 7–8 lakhs per annum. This package is not quite enough for someone who already has work experience of 4 years. A lot of students find it unjust to be paid the same as those who have no experience in the domain.

Therefore, it can be concluded that those with a work experience of 4 years would have a better chance trying for colleges like ISB or those abroad.