How is Amity University, Noida for 3 year law?

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Nikita Sen Apr 17, 2021
Bachelor’s in Pharmacy Bachelor of Pharmacy & Business, Amity University, Noida (2021)

As far as a review of doing a 3 year LLB from Amity Law College, Noida, a friend of mine who did the course was not too keen on the college. According to her, the overall reputation of the college is not very good. As far as the faculty is concerned, it is alright, nothing extraordinary.

If you want to seriously pursue a law degree, a complete five-year law course is much better appreciated in the market. And if you are looking at placements, they are not that good. You will have to look for a job on your own if you are not from the top three national law schools. If not, do an LLM from abroad. That will probably help.

However, if you intend to pursue law within the country itself, you should look at colleges in South India that could be better than Amity Noida. Try IFIM law school as a first. Definitely don’t go to Amity Law School Noida.