Which is better, SOE or CUCEK in CUSAT?

1 Answer

Sounak Banerjee Apr 19, 2021

I know a little about these courses as a few of my friends are currently pursuing them. Here are some of the information regarding SOE and CUCEK in CUSAT.

  • There has been no report of difference in placements of both SOE and CUCEK in CUSAT.
  • The education system and course curriculum have a little bit of difference but it basically revolves around the laboratory examination and infrastructure.
  • The laboratory examinations are very serious and strict in SOE. The infrastructure is less developed for CUCEK.
  • The campus of SOE is developed more than CUCEK although the location of CUCEK is very beautiful.
  • The strength of CUCEK is less than SOE and this enhances peer learning. Due to fewer students in CUCEK, the students know each other and enjoy more. Students at SOE also have numerous enjoying moments but the students are divided into groups.
  • SOE offers one of the famous programs that is Safety and Fire engineering. It has great recruiters and amazing placements.
  • The departments such as Mechanical, IT, Electronics and CS at both of these are equally potent and good.
  • For electrical and civil, SOE is better than CUCEK due to bad infrastructure at CUCEK.
  • The major mass recruiters include TCS, Wipro, Aricent, Standard Chartered, L&t, etc.

If you have a better option than CUSAT then you should look for that option but if this is the only good option, then go for it.