Is BIT Mesra Kolkata, Patna or Jaipur. is as Good as BIT Mesra Ranchi?

1 Answer

Shivani Tiwari Apr 20, 2021

BIT Mesra has no comparison even when you put any institute of the same branch, namely BIT Kolkata, or Patna, or Jaipur. But it also depends upon the department you are opting for at the same time. However, as known, there is supposed to be no comparison between the head campus with its branches, since it is obvious that the main campus will stand out.

The things that all of the institutes are seen to share are briefed below:

  • Experienced Faculty is considered to be one of the major factors of any institution 
  • Known to be one of the largest campuses in the Indian vicinity.
  • There also is a great RND and EDC center.
  • Excellent aura of the laboratories.
  • It also comes with DC LAN connections, which rather all the institutions are known to entertain as a whole.

However, being at Mesra main campus has its own tinge of greatness that most of its branches cannot yet fulfill.

BIT Mesra has been known to maintain its ranking under 50 for the last 3 years in the list of NIRF Engineering Colleges Ranking.

BIT Mesra nonetheless also ranked at the 58th position by the Outlook India Ranking. The institution is ranked 16th out of 126 best engineering colleges of the nation, by the Week. Besides, JagranJosh Ranking makes it stand at 83rd place out of 100 colleges.