Which one is better bit Mesra or LNMIIT Jaipur?

1 Answer

Pratyasha Apr 20, 2021

When talking about BIT Mesra and LNMIIT Jaipur, you need to reconsider the branch you are opting for. If you are anyhow interested in pursuing the branch of Computer Science, and you are simultaneously not getting the required seat at BIT Mesra, then choosing CSE at LNMIIT Jaipur will not actually be that bad of a choice. 

  • Despite all facts considered, BIT Mesra still is one step taller in regards to the academic background since it was established years back and is known to be very old. Other than that, it has earned the reputation it now is known for in India. 
  • LNMIIT is still sowing seeds of growth and is in its early years. Yet, it has not stopped it from growing rapidly, each particular year, in every aspect as important. 
  • BIT Mesra boasts its average package of INR 9.11 Lakhs Per Annum, and the highest that it has reached over time, from the national aspect is 34 lakhs per annum. 
  • The zeal that this institution enjoys pushes past every other record, thus choosing it over the latter will supposedly be a better choice, if not the best.

BIT is hoping to push past more records, and enhance over time. It is known by students too that you will not regret the 4 years time of your course after graduating from the institution.

On contrary to BIT’s success, LNMIIT stands with an average package of 10.2 lakh per annum. That means both of them are good. But regardless of that fact, BIT Mesra still stands one step higher from LNMIIT Jaipur in total.