Shall I go for IIT Bhubaneswar or NIT Rourkela or IIT Hyderabad for an MSc in Chemistry?

1 Answer

Anil Tigga Apr 22, 2021

Well, I do not have much knowledge about the scope of MSc in Chemistry from IIT Hyderabad. But, between IIT Bhubaneswar and NIT Rourkela, I would suggest you choose NIT Rourkela over IIT Bhubaneswar. The reasons for this are as follows.

  • NIT Rourkela holds rank 19 whereas IIT Bhubaneswar is ranked at 26 by NIRF in the year 2020. Thus, NIT Rourkela holds a better rank than IIT Bhubaneswar.
  • The ranking that NIT Rourkela holds is mainly because of its infrastructure and research facilities. Many research papers have been published by the institute in the past years.
  • MSc in Chemistry is a research-oriented subject. Therefore, this branch has thrived at NIT Rourkela. It is worth opting for Chemistry and Physics at NIT Rourkela.

If you really like Chemistry and want to pursue a master’s degree in the subject, NIT Rourkela is definitely the right choice for you.