Which is better, NIT Jalandhar or Thapar University?

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Deepika Kunwar Apr 22, 2021

There are various important factors that come into play while deciding a college for a B.Tech course below given are some fact:

  • NIT Jalandhar has a better quality of students since the batch size is smaller and there is ample number of faculties.
  • Both the colleges have good placement for B Tech and they offer about the same packages.
  • You will find a similar number of scholarships in both the colleges which are offered by the government for BTech, MTech & PhD as both are deemed to be universities.
  • The batch size is more in Thapar which brings challenges in opportunities. 
  • Thapar has better campus facilities like hostels, CS department has very advanced lecture halls, Professional cricket ground, running track, football ground, swimming pool, etc.
  • NIT Jalandhar has lower fees approximately a fourth of Thapar University's fees.
  • NIT Jalandhar is considered more reputed as a government institute.
  • NIT Jalandhar students have a better opportunity if the student wants to pursue higher education in IITs as IITs allow direct admission in PhD for NITs BTech students. 

The table shows a brief overview of the institution:


Thapar University

NIT Jalandhar

Average Salary

Rs. 6-8 lakhs

Rs. 8 lakhs

Highest Salary

Rs. 43 lakhs

Rs. 43.5 lakhs

Entrance Criteria




Rs. 13.23 lakhs

Rs. 3.52 lakhs

Placement is better in Thapar as the more number of companies visit there. It has a strong alumni base. Co-curricular activities are also better in Thapar. Top recruiting companies like Microsoft, Wipro, IBM, Accenture, etc. take part in their placement program.